Facebook!!! Getting Sick from it!!!

I just want to point the fact to this Article; people are getting sick from Facebook in Amerca. I ask many people and teenagers, they all saying after a while it gets boring. It is the same old thing, photo tagging and what extend??? My 2 younger sisters told me this..

Check this “The United States apparently did not just have a slow growth month, but actually lost Facebook traffic. Facebook lost almost 6 million American users during the month see more of May, from 155.2 million to 149.4 million. Canadian users dropped less dramatically, but still significantly with a 1.52 million user loss. Other places like the U.K. and Norway also had losses, albeit smaller figures like 100K.”

From this

Secondly, knowing how Americans are, this is my prediction that soon, we will see the Government and Child Protection Agencies will start awareness campaign and teaching in the school about the safety from facebook. Slowly but surely this is coming!!!

At the end, so such big thing, stayed big!!! Yes, I know, it is integrated in many ways in our lives..But, this will push BoonEx with Dolphin to be more competitors. I love dolphin, and there are many ways to be innovators..Look at the feature of MySpace,..

Facebook, as big as is, there will be that 1 thing, that will put it down!!!
sorry it is wrong word..."Feature of MySpace"..I wanted to say.."Future of MySpace"...
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