Does any one really think Dolphin will ever be on par with giants like Facebook or Google+ ?
Better yet why would you want it to be?

I want to supply the needs of a niche of people who matter to me and have similar goals and aspirations. I don't want to be Big Brother Facebook or rule the world.

Unity's goal is to Unite people. Dolphin doesn't need to be a clone of anything else or a lemming following the big boys over the cliff.

Dolphin needs be a free spirit, to chart it's own course see more and create it's own wake. At least that's my personal school of thought.

I don't want to be the biggest, I want to be the best for my niche.

Facebook has it's benefits. One being that all these people are already gathered there wandering aimlessly around following Big Brother. It's a good place to advertise or export select contacts into your own niche.
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