It would take a lot more that $1000 - many times that..... but there is a way....
I believe most games on dolphin are flash?

You can purchase Multimedia Fusion II developer edition for $300. With this you can produce your own game to your own design. It can be multiplayer online, and have chat etc built in.. You can do this with very little, if any, coding. And you can do it much faster than coding.

You then have the choice to export the game as either flash.swf or java applet or even i-phone. see more

It is the best software for fast production without coding Check it out. I use it to buid much of my site.

@nathan thanks for the insight about "Multimedia Fushion"
btw, if its all about $$$$$$$$$$ why cant there be some option like "partnership" with playfish? zynga? etc?
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