Well, Claps to the statement that future Dolphin will be having a different approach[away from facebook, away from G+]
still, i feel this is 50% interesting. the other 50% contains a fragile bottle of scare to the admins[luckily not for boonex]
i hope not all the Dolphin owner's intentions is to "COMPETE" facebook the need is "SUSTAIN"
its million times hard to sustain our site and we do not have time to think about competing.
well, looking into other sns there are a good% see more of "VIRALITY" built into the core. which is lacking in Dolphin.
in that case, Boonex should wear our shoes, visit,, the core features works 24/7 on-behalf of the webmasters.

sample task:
and do not do any activity.
just count and register how many email you get and the perspective behind that.

exploring many sns, i believe Dolphin should not have "blogs" "forums" as core modules
instead concentrate on how to engage members without those and please please inject some dose of Virality.
Alan Stewart
I feel that your need to have a "on-behalf of the webmasters" point of view is clearly missing Andrew's point. is clearly nothing more than a facebook want-a-be that offers even less is more to Andrew's point is impressive attempt to deal with Indian cultural and language issues

Admin structure is implicit in Andrew's direction for Dolphin. The humanism that is at the soul of the internet is the key. I for one will gladly support any effort see more that uses the foundation of freedom on which the internet was built to allows for greater creativity and expression.

Lastly, starting on this journey by not having "blogs" and "forums" is a step away from humanism and freedom.

there is a saying in boonex "All webmaster have their unique requirements and when the feature of Dolphin doesn't work as they like it the way they want that is reported as "bugs""

by that, the above post is "MY VIEW" rather than "on-behalf of the webmasters", and are referred to showcase their way of "Virality"
which is not available in the "Core of Dolphin"

Lastly, by not having see more "blogs" and "forums" was not a request for removal.
the point here is, if Dolphin can achieve more engagements between members even with "blogs" and "forums" disabled that will improve the nature of socialization on the cms.
Alan Stewart
I appreciate your comment more, when taken as your VIEW.

I do not feel grounded in Dolphin enough to speak to your "Virality" issue nor do I really understand the point. If you have time, your explanation of Virality and elements that reflect it would be interesting.

When it comes to Blogs and Forums it sounds like our goals are in line.
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