Well said. While it's easy to cash in on someone's idea, it's hard to step away and break away from the mold of social media sites. I firmly believe that people are not looking for somewhere to go like Facebook, which is not moderated properly, allows applications to run which freely allow hate speech and in which members when having their accounts flagged and removed, simply sign up with a new account. In my own opinion I think Facebook was a good idea but just like many good ideas the mighty see more dollar has a way of changing what your original idea was. I think that people are looking for a safe haven in social online communities. Those who are unwell or too shy to leave their homes, feel more relaxed in a well run community. Personally I feel more comfortable and respected on other social sites but Facebook. I think people are looking for something and somewhere to call home online and that to me is definitely not Facebook.

Thanks for all your hard work to provide new sites with affordable software and for providing a great forum filled a lo of cool people willing to help others like me when I'm stuck. I think the words Thank You are often forgotten and replaced by empty air and the feeling we do not have to say Thank You because the other party should know that. So again Thank You for not only your great work but the work of those involved in building the software and thanks to those here who help newbies just like me.
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