Yes, it is a sad world of your own here.
Orca Forum in D7.7 also do not work for Japanese, guess not for Portuguese or Spanish.

-> Sorry, they won´t listen you.
Try to uninstall it and go back to D7.6, it may fix it. Or try from zero, D7.7 install > no template > language install > Orca Forum Manage > compile it. Take care using Manage Language > Manage Key...
The future is consequence of actual acts. Here, in present days of Boonex´s Unity we don´t see more have a professional documentation of all features, few tutorials, Support takes days, very very bad seller do not support customers and still here smiling with products that are not certificated, not working and can damage your site. and few templates options.
Thanks God we have Modzzz (that uses to ignore me, but I am ok lol), UE30 and Deanos... those guys rocks, but Boonex is not certificating them... why? why? why?

The 2 Things that is completed crazy with Dolphin.
Avatar is mandatory, yes it is. No simple profile photo!
Orca Forum is mandatory if you want Event, Group or Store! Integrated! (hide menu lol)
Boonex should devise a solution for these now, for D7x.
This "Future D8" can not wait now, and we can not living in hopeland. We need to make things right now... right? let´s go Dolphiers....

Looking at the Future, but don´t forget the Present.

PS. Andrew! Boonex is still the best!
i suppose you all will be too glad if there was "bug reporting system" connected to boonex which will report the compilation and other trivial bugs to the boonex so that it will be fixed on next patch.
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