Being that my niche community had endured the dismal component of Dolphin called Videos from version 7.0 to 8, I guess I can expect the VIDEO component to be fixed by version by version 10?? If that's what you call beating the pants off of Facebook then good luck. Facebook sucks on videos and my niche community as u stated so eloquently are MY FRIENDS and they want to see MY VIDEOS.

Dolphin doesn't even come close to Ning in user-friendliness and useability and yet you believe your script is see more the game changer the wave of the future? Think again. The stats on my videos on YouTube indicate that not only is there a strong thirst for my genre of video but they are watching them at a phenomenal rate via their mobile devices (even more than on their computers).. Dolpin is NOT keeping pace with that phenomena and plenty of other scripts do it better. Ning being one of them, I just hate it's not open source and no matter how large your community becomes you will always be a subdomain of Ning. That sucks big time and is the only thing I actually do appreciate about Dolphin, in that, you did have the forethought in allowing people to build their communities on their own domains and on their own terms.

YouTube, Metacafe and other video sites ARE NOT social networks and they are losing out on people's desire to be a part of something that is "engaging and popular among their friends, and (with some advertising) strangers." Hellllllo, that's what my fans want and they want it to INCLUDE videos. There was no doubt in my mind the power of social networks as everybody does not have the same tastes or interests and some of in niches have been locked out of the mainstream because of our individualism. I'm proving everyday that people WANT what I have to offer and want it bad! They are tired of invisible powers that be determining for them what's hot or not . My social network dreams included building on my niche fan base and bringing back the intimacy with friends that is NOT available on the most popular video and/or dating sites. IMAO many of them have user interfaces that are clumsy, disorganized and not all that easy to use Yeah, I said it and I didn't stutter. It was my hope that Dolphin would be the Ning killer in that Dolphin did have the forethought to believe that we should be free to build our communities around our personal niches and have control of that, instead of being perpetual subdomains of a greater power that be like Ning does.

I longed for the freedom to build the community I wanted without the bogus and hypocritical guidelines present in a lot of websites The meglamniacal monopolizing strangle-hold YouTube has on videos is one, I for one want to break and yet at every turn I get a constant reminded that YouTube has been given a card blanche of unique power not bestowed on other website I am aware of to date. That makes for bad blood in the long term as YouTube is NOT the best and ONLY video site. Why can't other videos be posted as easily as YouTube? Every script I have tried automatically is geared toward readily accepting YouTube videos when IMAO that privilege should be available to ALL and not just YouTube. has an awesome video site but again IS NOT a social network otherwise I would choose them any day over YouTube, but YouTube gets unmatched nod everytime, even with Dolphin. All the mods I purchased was geared toward YouTube videos, well what if you don't want to make "YouTube": videos?

Even my video editing programs I use to create my videos I keep getting smacked in the face with the reality of not really having freedom of "choice". I feel the same about Facebook as why are they automatically the first choice to use for logging in? Why isn't there any forward thinking on being able to log in with any account u desire? Facebook and Twitter along with Dolphin are dismal in the video area and obviously are overlooking that powerful medium. Not everybody types, text or blogs. My fan base are proving everyday we enjoy the passive entertainment of videos. I don't know what the future holds for social networks but neglecting the Video component IMAO is a BIG MISTAKE and foolish.
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