I see the Boonex Unity has to evolve more...
There are No engagements between Webmasters[members on unity] with boonex other than Blogs,Forum,tickets.
I remember the days back when boonex blogs was so so active which was restricted for good and bad reasons.
Anyway, i FEEL, that boonex is putting so much effort into development to produce the best quality product
1.for the webmasters
2.for the boonex community
where as the development of Dolphin as a product should not be intended to the mass see more market[end users] of some webmaster.
So, boonex should consider webmasters,webmaster's inputs, reactions etc and work with modders to produce output.

the overview is, developers,modders should be a team and work together for webmasters inputs and interests.
As Microsoft,Apple work with OEMs and bring out their product.

for that forum,blogs is just not enough...
forum might be active but very boring... i like(my opinion)

Boonex should crowdsource ideas from webmasters in Unity
There should be a poll/voting up/down ideas and dreams page in Unity like

and it should allow idea picking by modders and boonex team.
say, if points system is a popular idea and AntonL and Modzzz picks the idea and reserves it. No other modders should be able to submit same product. otherwise there would be 100s of crap mods from 100s of developers.
Even if the mods are voted down that should be removed from market.

@Andrew if there is any "Boonex vision" please publish a whitepaper/video etc on your vision for next 10 years.i doubt no one in unity know anything about boonex vision.eager to know.

finally, @Zarcon I have 10 ideas out of which 2 ideas would be a hit for your website. would you like to know what are the features in a Unity WebMaster Poll?

i need ideas, if someone was proposing an idea "analytics for Dolphin" i definitely would "Vote Up" until or otherwise someone comes up with this idea... its never known :(
This kind of interactions will for sure improve Dolphin and developer and webmaster relationship. Boonex should make this happen

@Zarcon 100Votes for starting this post
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