the concept is solid. still i would want my members to create their own pages... eventhough Boonex wants to stand apart from facebook. the end users, will like to have a different social network which works like facebook :(
Andrew Boon
Please, give example of what kind of pages you want your users to be able to create?

As for "social network that works like Facebook"... why do you think users would "want" this? Moreover, why do you think that innovation and success comes from making a copy of something that users already know and have?
Thanks for asking,
Its not just pages

as a site owner i want to buy 10 best social games, 10 group plugins, 10 chat and other apps etc from Uniity.


let them search in my domain and whatever apps, games, pages, mods THEY WANT...
let them instal to their profile and use...


give api access to Unity market...

Let my users buy/get free apps, games, whatever they want from unity market and install it.

but then the see more mod developments should not be targeted to boonex dolphin but to boonex dolphin users...
Andrew Boon
I see. What you're suggesting is yet another layer on top of what we're building. The foundation is there, however we are looking into ways to keep web-masters build site that would appear independent from BoonEx. At some stage, I wouldn't rule out a possibility of reaching out to the end users as app curators. We'll see how it goes.
the only reason few people still believe and stay in boonex irrespective of any circumstances... Your Promise!!!
Andrew Boon
"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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