it does look more versatile than what we currently have... but.... It uses the awfull timy mec editor with the stupidly small editing window again..... please boonex..... chage the editor to somthing where we can actualy see what we are editing and give us the tools to do something decent with it.
it will also include a WYSIWYG editor
wooohooo... perhaps bbonex are learning lol.
Andrew Boon
Glad you asked...

We've spend good few days trying to figure out which WISYWIYG editor to include. We installed half a dozen of them, looked into the code, features, design, rendering, etc. We really wanted to find something better than TinyMCE. We didn't. CKeditor is awful. Smaller/JS-based editors are way too limited. So, we've ended up going for TinyMCE again, with some tweaking. More importantly, we've added one more editor as an option and a support to install and use any 3rd-party editor see more you'd want. Also TinyMCE has a "full-screen" option to let you edit in large area.
Now thats what i call an improvement..
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