but would be nicer if
admin could add background color or fotos for indiviual pages
admin could use dreamweaver as editor. (when i create a page i first use dreamweaver then when i upload the code in tiny mce it dosent come back as i created it)
admin can upload foto and videos direct from computer? its a hassle to always upload from url
admin can create difrent types of members pages? example 1 (a page with only top menu where CUSTOMIZE PAGE is a drop down menu and member see more can upload foto or video advertisement with links. from computer to a blank page without blocks or menus.) example 2 (artist page--slide show below top menu biography block underneath slide show) There are difrent membership types each membership type should have difrent type of page to adjust to membership.
Andrew Boon
Some of the suggestions you came up with are being worked on. Some will be made possible with additional modules. The only thing I can hardly imagine is compatibility of Dreamweaver and TinyMCE. If, however, you agree with the DW markup - you can just use "Raw" block and it would just use your provided HTML without any modification.
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