@Nathan A simple No would have sufficed.
I know there wont be a download link until 2013
But still i want a download link. its just that much awesome... ;)
Nathan Paton
You can download Dolphin 8 (well, what will become Dolphin 8) now and mess around with some of the stuff shown in the notes, but expect to run into a lot of problems.
is there any checklist to see how far the D8 has been cooked?

1.Menu - 6% completed
2.Studio - 30% completed
3.Modules - etc etc
Nathan Paton
If there is, I don't know about it. I also can't come up with a percentage from the demo installs. If it helps, I can say with absolute confidence that Dolphin 8 won't be released this week.
so i win, im more confident that it wont come out in 6months... however, i can wait for the perfect delivery with mother and child safe and blessed!
Nathan Paton
I don't think it'll come out in 6 months, either. I'm guessing early or mid-2013 at least, but without a full understanding of the state the code's in, I can't be confident with that estimate. But fear not, Dolphin 7 is still being maintained and these notes should keep people in the loop.
Andrew Boon
We also plan a fairly significant update to 7 in near future.
if that update is going to tranform 7 to 7.5 with atleast 25% adaption of 8's framework...
hmm... ignore me... its not gonna happen.. :)
Can I ask where we acquire this download?
Nathan Paton
From the repo:

svn co

Username: guest
Password: guest
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