SWFUploader Beta has many problems as per active issues on their homepage, also it is not actively developed since beginning of 2010, so it looks like the issues aren't going to be fixed anytime.

So the best way is to use latest stable version for now without client resizing.

Integrating other uploader will require too many changes in current version.
Oh come on Alex.... what's a few hundred bugs to us Dolphin users? That's nothing.
It's more than nothing, some of the problems:
- it is beta feature, no one can guarantee that it is stable
- no one update for more than 2 years
- problem with resizing big images (is this what this plugin for?)
- hanging in some browsers/OS/Flash versions
- hanging with certain number of files
- multilingual problems
Smart guy like you, can fix all that stuff.
Thanks, I would do, but I have a lot of other things to do.
We will try to implement client's side resizing without flash in future versions.
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