Quite simple, really. There were a large and growing number of users (mostly from Poland and Russia) who were showing valid domain screenshots but linking to malicious sites with malware, such as whtlskjdl--dlk2.ru, etc. So we thought this would curb that but it just angered a lot of people and made our lives more difficult. So we finally just scrapped it. Now it is optional and may one day go away. :)

We intended to at least make it a way to generate traffic and spread awareness by giving unlimited see more bandwidth and free inside pages, but a number of users figured out how to exploit that generosity to steal service through the main methods. So it's another case of the few ruining it for the many.
It would be really cool, if there was a way to have a bot discover the sreenshots that linked to malicious sites, and replace the screenshot with a malicious site warning image.
Hmm... Could be done. Not a bad idea. Will put on "the list" for future consideration. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
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