<< Existing Dolphin licenses work as a "coupon" allowing download of all BoonEx-made modules for free. Current Dolphin licences also cover Dolphin U, so all Boonex-made extensions for Dolphin U would still be available for free "for the domains registered with current licences." >> the domains can be changed? to explain better, if I now have licenses without have specifying a domain i can specify it later? and if I have a domain "" and use this see more coupon for this domain if later i no longer use more this domain i have the possibility to move this licence to a new domain for install the modules for free on the new domain?
second question: if I use a coupon for Dolphin Pro and then I decide to use Dolphin U, the coupon will be removed from Dolphin Pro to use it on a new site with Dolphin U
I'm also asking myself to what will happen to my 3 Premium licenses which aren't in use and so not registered to any domain yet.
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