I like where Boonex is heading with the support idea.
Keep one thing in mind though...with the amount of support questions Boonex receives on the forums, well the questions may increase because the software i'm sure is increasing in popularity which will give a higher demand in support.
If the response time isn't that great, it could reflect the reputation of Boonex and it's products unless you can get a community group together that handles the support while you guys continue doing what you're see more doing.

Contact some beta testers or members who you know that knows the Dolphin platform well and see if they would be interested in covering some video tutorials.
This would shave that extra work off of you so once again, you can continue to focus on what you're doing now and still have these things be done.

It would be nice to have a chat feature on here, it would open up a much broader communication aspect between developers in a more real time environment (with chat rules of course :P)

As you said at the beginning of this post "We are a small team working with lots of clients".
Dolphin is a huge platform, so with that comes huge documentation...well i don't know about huge but big enough.
For a small group to make Dolphin what it is today (of course with other developers as well) Dolphin has come a long ways and i am excited to see how far it's come and where it's going, and to have the documentation up to date and easy for newbies to understand is very important.
You guys have a lot on your plate and sometimes it crosses my mind that the Boonex staff focuses on too many things at one time, hence the reason updates and new releases used to take longer to roll out than you've expected, but i must say it's been a lot better (Sole opinion lol)

Write a post every once and a while or a bulletin or something saying "We are looking for Dolphinizers to donate some time in _______, if interested, contact us at ______@boonex.com

Thanks for doing what Boonex does for the community :)
Keep up the hard work.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for supporting us! Yes, we'll be engaging the community a bit more often now. Also started hiring some external beta-testers to do more structured reporting for us. Sometimes it helps to have perspective from outsiders.
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