My suggestion would be:
1. You keep the chat support regarding sales & pre-sales questions.
2. Tech support chatroom should be created, where members can chat about their problem with other members before creating a forum post. If the problem is real then they can create a forum post or search through existing resolved post.
3. Member having problem can create a new room for his/her problem where any other member can enter and leave suggestions. Active rooms will replace recent forum posts. see more More quick way of solving problem :)
4. Forum for each dolphin module. It would be easy for members to find the solution by going to relevant forum.
5. Paid support chatrooms for member having problems other than dolphin. Whoever will help can earn money ;) (Like you mentioned above)
Sometimes forum posts are hours apart, and you think a chat room will work?
Andrew Boon
Well, chat room requires a bit more activity. May be a good option for the near-future (fingers crossed).
They are apart cause members don't know who is online. So if members know the can communicate .
HL is correct here. I have answered a newly posted question only to waste time waiting for the person to respond and then maybe days later they will come back to the forum. I often wonder what is up with that, especially when they act as if they are in urgent need.
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