Andrew Boon
Thank you! Great suggestions!

We are in fact using a ticket system, but only for direct communication. Used to run our own, but switched to "Groove" help-desk platform (just need to focus our development on Dolphin, instead of all the "infrastructure" tools). And so far it's been great - users don't need to know it's a ticket system - they just exchange emails with us, but we see them as a group, assigning, prioritising, tagging, etc.

So, I do agree that we may not be very see more effective with the "online chat" thing due to time-zones and the nature of most requests. Today or tomorrow we will likely change the "offline" chat badge to a little Knowledge Base popup with direct email button. This should filter out good 70-80% of common questions.

Now, your idea about connecting with forum as a first line of defence is really attractive! First, as AlexT suggested we should improve the forums a bit - add the "best answer" labels, add "resolved" topics. Then, perhaps add a new group like "Experts" which would include the most helpful members and knowledgeable developers, and allow them to nominate Best answers. These things could be useful for general Dolphin forum as well.

And next step, just for would be to integrate an "Ask BoonEx Team" button to topics that can't be resolved. This would send us a ticket to and we'd publish the answer in the topic.

How does that sound?
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