I've never researched such a topic as to "how to do it right" managing a social outlet. I was happy to read that many of my own thoughts and practices align with your posts. You can look at my site and see proof of much of it. I am however falling short in other areas. I am only at 162 members but 99% of my members are real legit people. I use anti spam methods and personally screen every member. Membership base is smaller but the quality is there in the smaller number. Probably block see more 50 to 75 sign ups a week. I think if Boonex would start making a "slew" of their own templates then we could have a better chance at getting the look right. Right now we wait on a couple different vendors to provide templates once in a while. Otherwise maybe if the template structure was easier to implement then more people would contribute templates. Unless an author happens to throw up a compatible template that suits my site then I am stuck with 7.1.6. Just some thoughts. Great blog posts and very relevant.
Andrew Boon
Thank you for the input. Templates are indeed very important. For us it takes enormous amount of time to add and then support a new template, so we are very very careful with introducing them. In fact we looking towards adding more customisation options to existing template to increase range of possible designs.
Templates do need flexibility. Look forward to seeing what you have in mind.
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