we built a crazy active local niche site, around 13k members, ~99% real, 80% are active past 30days, 50% visit daily, 1.7m pageviews a month, avg user session is 19mins. i meet people in public who suggest i join my own site. anyhow, we are running a very modified 'dolphin-stein' versions of 7.2 with a ton of open source components ported in. we are working on porting out our custom mods and changes and should be posting them here in the near future.
Andrew Boon
Great story! Wow! Would be nice to hear some if the tips you may care to share about how your got to your first 1000 members?

I plan to publish "1000 to 10,000" and then "10,000 to 100,000" posts in near future, so any input on that would also be very much appreciated.
When we are going to read next part Alex?
Andrew Boon
I've been putting together some ideas and plan to publish the nest stage plan later this month.
Standing by with anticipation.
I had similar plans but need to rethink the numbers and consider the type of members we really want.
Andrew Boon
Would you mind telling a bit more? The quality vs quantity question is really really interesting in this case.
Indeed, while some community sites might be prepared to populate their database with 'fake' profiles, quality members is more important than quantity, for content-based sites.

We're interested in members who add content and value to the community; sharing their local knowledge with visitors, while encouraging others to add to our online travel guides with genuine recommendations.
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