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I've been waiting for 4 years for something that is suitable for production sites. Still not ready?
Andrew Boon
When we say 'not ready for production sites' we only refer to "beta" version. This is because betas normally don't have upgrade packs for them. You may download and use the latest stable version for your production site. Currently it's 7.2.0 and next week it will be 7.2.1. The 7.2.1beta is for testing only.
So - next week 7.2.1 will be ready for me to use (live) and everything (or at least almost everything) will work as it should? Maybe I'm paranoid, but I've been reading the forums and following everything for a long time and I still would not feel comfortable dishing a ton of cash and time into this... yet.
Andrew Boon
Reading forums will make you paranoid for sure, and it would never feel right. The forums are for issue reports, see.

For example, take iPhone - a mega-successful product. If you go to Apple support forums, no matter which version of the iPhone - you would not want to buy it. Any tech product is always a work-in-progress.
People usually post in development forums when things are not working; seldom when they're feeling secure with the product.
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