Just make it 7.2.3 or something and incorporate the features from 7.3 into it. I need some more time to settle into 7.2. Buying new mods is not what I want to do, and plus, the developers just finished updating their mods to 7.2, also don't forget about that HTML5 chat that you told us about, so the chat will work on mobile devices. Do it for the webcams, video comments, etc., so the entire site works on mobile.
Andrew Boon
It's more than a service version update, since we're adding a few significant features. The new things will not _change_ Dolphin much, so I would expect 99% of the Market extension compatible with 7.2 to work with 7.3 just fine.
That's 1% insecurity factor too much.
All the 3rd-party modules should be compatible with 7.3, which are already compatible with 7.2. There is no compatibility breaking changes, even templates.

As per announcement we've made earlier -, it will be update every half year, so we'll make more often updates and include less features - all we can make for the available time. Since it looks like we can make 7.3 a bit earlier, then we can spent a but more time for 7.4 and see more include more features into it.
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