Andrew Boon
Like I said, we want to keep both options. Subscriptions and one-off payments. It's a case of choice. Personally, I was always a "pay once" person before, but gradually I came to see that paying, say $10/month for Photoshop works better for me than paying $500 one-off and then potentially extra $50 every couple of years.

As for the money aspect - I don't really see what is with the "passing the buck" issue? We provide product and service in exchange for money. In order for see more us to do anything at all we must be able to commit time to it, and therefore receive compensation. One-off payments are good in the beginning, where there's a small client-base and fast growth. After 10 or so years, the pyramid stops working. We can't justify paying $30/hour to a tech that will support a client that paid $300 some 10 years ago and needs 5 hours of assistance every month. It just doesn't work and it is the same for Market vendors. One can complain about poor coding, bad support, no documentation, ban this, ban that - but software is never a finished product - it needs continuous attention, it will always keep everyone busy, and so small monthly payments make everything more sustainable. So, thus we may be able to afford additional moderators, reviewers, coders, etc.

And again - there is still a one-off payment option.
For large ticket items, subscriptions, like leases, may be a good way to go. Most modules in the Market are not that expensive so a subscription model in those cases is not a good ideal. If you decide to try to go with subscriptions, it should be up to the vendor to decide to allow a module to be sold by subscription. Coding in a call home for a $20 module means that the module will no longer sell for $20 so you may end up driving up module prices.
Andrew Boon
Yep, I believe it should an option. Just a way to create separate listing, perhaps for bigger modules that need continuous support and development. Also call-home can be bundled into once-a-month-for-all.
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