Personnaly I will stay with the one off payment .... it has its pros and cons but I choose Dolphin because of its pros and that makes part of it : control, independance, flexibility.
I am not an IT guy, but I work in a software company and let me tell you, the monthly service contract and fee we get with the customers, are rather to keep them into the loop and make them more and more dependant from us.
What about the license you purchase ? what about the support to be given to the guys who will see more stay with the one off payment for the modules....NO support later, since these won't be payers anymore ???

I think that Boonex should keep its core license commercial principle as such (one off payment).... I would think that a lot of its present/old customers are here not only of the product but also because of the way its been commercialized.

The emphasis should be put much more on the control of the modules vendors by certifying these vendors and modules and direct these Official Modules Sales through Boonex, which would give us a guarantee of quality and seriousness.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we plan to keep the one-off payment as is, along with subscriptions.
Yes and I am not sure that the service behind the 2 types : one off and subscriptionm will be the same.......just a question of motivation.
Today we purchase licenses for modules and these allow us to get the upgrade versions whenever occurring.......not sure in the future should we opt for the one off payment........
Andrew Boon
I believe it would help on both sides - subscribers would encourage vendors to provide timely updates and on-off payers would keep vendors afloat while they accumulate their initial subscribers base.
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