Well as a business model it's poping up everywhere the monthly fees i think there should be a model to if you pay monthly for 2 years example it should be changed to you payed the module. And stop paying the monthly fees because after 2 years it's supose the module is stable unless boonex makes a lot of changes and make it instable ofcourse.
Andrew Boon
Software is a different beast - an extension, for example, depends on many things that keep changing. Core platform updates (7.2 > 7.3 > ...), browser updates, devices evolution (screens, resolutions, browser capabilities), UI trends (i.e. social logins), various libraries updates (jquery, meteor, etc), server software updates (PHP, MySQL, web-servers, image converters, etc). So, software is never really "finished". Old way is to maintain a major version for a while, then eventually see more depreciate it. For example, WindowsNT seemed like a good "finished" OS, but had to be depreciated, because the world moved on. The new way is to continuously update, making "versions" less relevant and charging incremental fees for as long as it is being used. Google pioneered this with Chrome... most people don't even now which version of Chrome they're using - it's just latest. Paid software is gong the same way - even giants like Adobe, MS, Apple are shifting towards the subscription model with continuous updates. After all software doesn't have any collectible value and there's no point in OWNING the windowsNT. Your grandchildren wouldn't value such inheritance much, it doesn't grow in value and it only becomes less and less relevant.
Andrew Boon
Having said that, I can how some sort of gradual discounting could be a good option. Perhaps discounting by 10-20% every year until it comes down to a certain monthly minimum. I guess it depends on specific cases... some products have associated costs (like hosting, energy, etc).
Yes you are right before they were selling a "finished" product like you say buth like programmers the programming languages are changing constantly buth some helpfull programmers IDE are just to expensiver for the normal programmer now that they changed to yearly/monthly payments. And that's why ppl stop bying it buth well said that. Now for giving better sopport MS is giving there windows 10 to windows 8 users for having less programming work.

Buth well is everyones decision i like see more the trial / buy part for checking if something really works as expected.

And what i'm talking about is if you have a good product you will have constant flew of good comments and ppl will keep buying the product. So new costumers will keep you paying the product buth well that's everyones opinion.

Facebook keeps updating every "day" so social plugins need a lot of maintenance.

I bought the no renewel licence of boonex exactly for knowing the cost because what happens with monthly payments is that prices changes and mostly they get up.

Other example everyone is accepting playstation plus even now they are getting more games out without the plus for able to play online exactly because ppl are complaining about the payment. You buy a game and for able to play it you need to pay. I mean I understand well the business behind it buth i would prefer to to see the free trials so you can try it in your site to see if it's really what you are looking for when you use it. Because some demos they show at the end are using more plugins then mencioned when you buy it.

This said i'm not for the fee buth if this is the direction taken we will need to follow anyway the good thing is the try and if you don't like it you can stop paying it. Even the modules would have a more easy integration without the need to inject code in the core.

Maybe dolphin can do something like in symfony to expand classes or opencart VQMode or something like that so when you remove the module all the code will be removed without problems.

Or maybe the code could be better documented so that programmers can understand well the code without taking the course of boonex.

Greetings and hopefully growing succes for all
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