Andrew, if/since you honestly believe it will help BoonEx as a company grow and Dolphin as a product improve... then sure, I'm willing to try your idea of a market where vendors may chose to offer their products with both one-off and subscription payments.

Are you thinking of a standard monthly fee of say 5% of the one-off fee for the monthly subscription? And how much would BoonEx deduct from subscription payments to vendors to process them?

One plus for module buyers could be they can see more subscribe monthly *until* they're confident the module works on, and is useful for, the intended site... *then* cancel the subscription and pay the one-off fee to save money in the long run. Alternatively, if the module does not perform as advertised/expected or proves to be rarely used then the site owner can remove and cancel the subscription.

On a related note... assuming each subscription will be linked to a specific website, when a site is transfered to a new owner, so should all the associated subscriptions. Will you be adding an option into the subscription tracking software to allow that to happen smoothly?
In theory, subscriptions should be a better option for web developers who intend, within a short time-frame, to transfer control of the site to a long-term owner. Imagine, as a contract site developer, being able to evaluate various vendor modules, both individually and in combination, at 10% of the one-off cost and then letting eventual site owner decide which modules to keep... letting them decide which subscriptions to keep paying, and which ones to cancel and pay the one-off price.
Andrew Boon
This certainly gives more freedom and options.
Andrew Boon
A lot of details still need to be tested and tried as you can see. General vision is that vendors would be able to create both subscription and one-off payment listings and price them as they will. We will be reviewing subscription-based products (we have to, since we'll be processing payments and dealign with potential refunds). We would deduct a commission according to our costs (review and payment processing) - we don't intend this to be a for-profit component.

So, most likely every subscription see more would be added to the subscriptions package and billed monthly to keep it simple and bundled.

Transfers are much easier with subscriptions - the new owner just re-subscribes to the same modules and carries on. No need to worry about individual licensing terms of every module that was purchased one-off (some do allow transfers, some don't). For example, Trident handles modules in a way that data is retained when you deactivate a module, so you can re-subscribe to the module and the site data associated with it would still be there. DolphinPro will be the same when subscriptions come.
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