As soon as I see a subscription model I turn the other way and look for an alternative. There is an assumption with the subscription model that what is on offer is very modest in cost ie at only a few dollars a month it's less than a cup of coffee and that consumer's pockets are bottomless. But all these 'cheap' expenditures quickly add up to quite a significant amount, and taken over a number of years become extraordinarily expensive, with much of it being useless expense and far outstripping original see more costs. Its easy to see that it's a win situation for the vendor with a low maintenance script. But for me, as a novice user, I'd much prefer to pay for tech support if and when necessary. The argument that we will get lifetime support for the subscription seems to suggest that the product maybe somewhat deficient to start with and I don't think is really supportable.
I would agree with Spinetta that subscriptions are simply a 'milking' exercise and I will be avoiding them.
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