I absolutely hate subscription models. I refuse to upgrade my Adobe products since they moved to a subscription model. I wouldn't mind paying a small subscription fee to test something, but then I want the option to buy it outright. And if I purchase in the first month, it would be nice to get the subscription fee back.
Andrew Boon
A few years ago I was the same. Hated it. I didn't want the new Photoshop anymore. About a year ago I _needed_ the new photoshop to work on some files. I usually need it about once every 3-4 months for a week or so (doing most of the work in Sketch and Pixelmator otherwise). So, I subscribed for a month, cancelled when I was done. Total cost - $10. Will do it again when I need to, and will be sure that I get the latest version again. Works a treat.

Also I used to hate cloud storage... preferring see more to own a home NAS + DAS devices. They brake sometimes, disks need to replaced, software updated... so I still had to spend time to manage them. Plus, a few months ago they all went kaput in the house fire. Total cost over about 10 years is at $3000+. Now I can get Amazon cloud drive for $700 for 10 years, no maintenance required, fire-proof, accessible from any device.

Another example - we've bought a customer support script for about $600 for Boonex a few years ago. I looked good on paper, but didn't work that well. To update it now, we'd need to pay another $200 or so. Still not being sure it would work well. Instead we went for a service that costs us about $30/month... tried it for a while, didn't like it, changed to another one for about the same price, didn't like it, and finally settled for yet another one (intercom) which is more expensive, but work much better than all the others did. It also gets nifty improvements every couple of weeks without us having to update anything, apply anything or pay extra for them.

So, I'm really warming up to subscriptions.
I can see how people would like subscriptions, but I don't see me warming up to them anytime soon. I see in other replies that you plan on keeping both options. As long as you don't try to force me into a subscription model, I'll be happy.

I went to upgrade Illustrator a couple of years ago because someone sent me a newer file. I was prepared to buy the full version. When I found I couldn't, I asked the person to resave the file as an older version. I will do my damnedest to never buy an Adobe see more subscription. Part of it is on principle. And part of it is the idea that I would not be able to open my own data files whenever I wanted.

One thing you mention is the improvements every couple of weeks. This is something I don't like. I hate it when my browser updates. Sure, some of the new features are nice, but I don't know how many times I've come across some change that reduces my productivity until I get used to it.
Andrew Boon
Yeah, we sure won't be forcing anyone into subscriptions. There are plenty of situations when one-off payments make more sense.
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