I can see why the seller of modules would most definitely want the subscription model and the buyers not. My site has been running for ten years, if a $30 mod I bought when I started was on a $3 per month subscription model, that $30 would have so far cost me over $350 with no end in site for the bleeding of cash if I continued to use it. Obviously as a buyer of mods, I have no interest in a subscription for a mod. I'd rather pay once and be done.

If you keep the one-off buyout along with the see more subscription, by all means why not? However, I get the feeling from this that the one off payment model won't be here long if subscriptions are initiated.
Andrew Boon
One-off payments will remain for as long as there's demand for them.

As for that $30 mod... In 10 years - did you have any associated expenses apart from the initial $30? Or was it always upgraded in time, supported and services by vendor in time without you having to spend time on it? Very few do, because it doesn't work out for vendors - they can't finance support overhead from new sale forever. It's not sustainable.
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