If it means the market's going to be cleaned up, as in honestly cleaned up then I'm much more open to the idea. In any case, please don't take my blunt nature as ungrateful or unappreciative. I code as well & know full well how much work has gone into Dolphin, Oraca and Ray to become what they are today and they are great, could be better but compared to virtually any of the others on the market that allow self-hosting it is hands down the best. My users love it, I just get tired of beating my see more head against it (I was in the process of trying to move it to new server as we've been talking...stilling fighting with it. LFD has decided it's bad thing for some reason. Keeps killing sql.)
Andrew Boon
I appreciate the blunt nature of your feedback. Easier to process and understand this way. Thank you! ;)
It's rare that I get thanked, I usually piss people off LOL Thank you for at least listening.
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