Andrew Boon
This was my fear with Dolphin licensing as well. In the first few months it's VERY painful, but eventually the volume builds up. Also maintaining one-off payment option helps to maintain cashflow. For us it took 3 months to achieve 50/50 revenue from subscriptions vs one-off payments. That's with monthly license cost sitting at exactly 5% of one-off fee.

My gut feeling is that we'll see only a small number of subscription modules initially, only from long-term committed vendors. After a few months see more they'll feel the taste of stable growth and will start adding more offerings. In about 8-12 months I'd expect half of the market revenues to be processed as subscriptions.
Is Boonex going to maintain the necessary licensing server for hundreds of different modules? The whole concept is not without some technical challenges. There's a lot of work that will need to be put into solving a problem that barely exists
Andrew Boon
Yes, we have a lot of pieces of the puzzle stacked up already. There are still some serious challenges, but not an unfathomable amount. I think this is an important future-proofing step.
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