The answer is no. While subscriptions can work well with Dolphin, they won't work with modules. You are going to lose vendors with this. First of all, Boonex does not own the modules like they own Dolphin. The vendors own the code; the vendors are already giving up some profits to premium members that they have to agree to if they want to sell in the market. Asking them to allow someone to get a module and use it on subscription is too much. The problem is that there is no way to really protect see more modules, the person could continue to use the module after paying for one month. Vendors would have to have the modules calling home to make sure the module was not being used outside of the end of the subscription. Is Boonex willing to track usage of modules? Most modules in the Market are not that expensive; very few are $100.00, so subscriptions are not really needed for most modules and many vendors do have sites where the module can be seen actively.

Boonex can not afford to alienate vendors, Boonex needs active vendors creating modules to expand the capabilities of Dolphin. Subscriptions, if forced, will just drive vendors away or decrease the number of new modules being released.
Andrew Boon
This would work with micro-subscriptions. For example a $20 module can be leased for, say $1/month. We have no problem with small amounts, since we bundle them and process ourselves. Client may pick 5-6 modules for a total of, say $15/month.
what if vendors are already leaving cuz sales here isn't consistent and doesn't put food on their plates?
Andrew Boon
Well, then this may be the reason to reconsider. :)
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