We need to see the vendors come in on this blog post. I want to hear what the vendors think as they are the ones that are going to be affected. Let's see if they think they will make more money selling by subscriptions. If Boonex can do a mass mailing to all the vendors asking them to come in, then do so.
Andrew Boon
We mailed everyone. :) We'll hear from more vendors I'm sure.

There is a certain beauty in subscriptions that has to do with the way people treat money... When people get a large amount on short period, they generally don't save it. Instead they spend all the excess for more stuff. They also get used to spending more and if the next month comes with less revenue - they get depressed. It's a matter of perspective. If, however, they keep getting smaller, but steadily growing revenue every month see more expectations are met, there's no frustration and no skewed perspective.

IF monthly revenue progression is like: $1000/mo, $1200/mo, $300/mo, $200/mo ($2700 total) = unhappy, stressed vendor, ready to give up.

IF monthly revenue progression is like: $100/mo , $200/mo, $300/mo, $400/mo ($1000 total) = happy, excited vendor, eager to go on.
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