Yeah but due to their ranking structure, etc. your project was likely actually seen by very few. Which granted, that presents it's own problems in & of itself as far as new guys getting started & ranked, etc.

And yeah, you hit the nail on the head with that one. The pricing is exactly what I'm seeing become a huge issue. Say each of them decide they want $5/mo. They decide that's "reasonable". I go and add 15 of 'em. My operating costs just spiked from $50/mo for the server, see more to $50 for the server + $75 for the modules so from $50/mo to $125.

Now taking into account that your average Boonex user/builder is a hobbyist working on a small community with a shoestring budget and the attention span of a humming bird, how long & how much money do you think they'll spend monthly until they give up and the negative reviews start spewing forth as they vent their frustration?

Say I have a small paysite, it starts to struggle. What am I supposed to tell users when I have to start yanking features because I can't afford their monthly fee and still maintain the professional "big site" image you need to get anywhere?

Your average vendor can't even figure out that they need to be polite to customers and provide at least basic after-market support but you're expecting them to behave as professionals? The average vendor is also generally just a hobbyist, which is why the code tends to be sloppy & half assed. Very few if any do this for a living and while that would be nice, I don't really see it happening.

I can also honestly say that there is not a single module on the market at present that I would pay even $3/mo for. A one-off $20 maybe, but the last thing I want or need is another monthly bill to worry about.
For the numerous instances of Dolphin that barely stay open from ad revenue, where do they get this money?
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