Andrew Boon
Thank you for your input!

First, you won't need to adapt or change your strategy. You can continue as you do. You can, however, TRY to offer a couple of extensions as subscription service. Just try and see if you gather some subscribers and what sort of return it would bring for you.

And see... if we had subscriptions, say 5 years ago and you started gaining just 1 new customer a day, you'd have about 1500 clients now, paying a guaranteed 4-5K every month.

Anyway, it is important to understand see more that we don't plan this as a default policy or the only way to sell - it will only be an additional option. I can also think about something like, say, a package of all your mods bundled and offered for a higher monthly price, supported and updated. Or a number of different bundles.

As for Dolphin pricing and popularity... If you explore this, you'd see that pretty much every social CMS has sinked somewhat. We have spent a few years for Trident development and that also pushed us back. With $99/license price-point we couldn't sustain operation - support was overloaded, but revenue wasn't covering expenses at all. On the other hand, I understand that easier entry would make a big difference, and introduction of Trials and leased licenses already show improvements in general interest and activity. We are growing again.

And I've noted before that eventually we plan to make DolphinPro core package free, with separated modules for a fee (honouring all current licenses by keeping all Boonex modules free for them). We're already doing this with Trident and hope to implement the change in Dolphin within this year. This will make Market very active.
the main problem is that in the market the current situation is not 1 new customer a day but 1 new customer in a week "in the best of cases 2 new customer".. that way after one year at $3 a month will be able to make only "$144" max "$288" and this prevision is always if all customers will not abandon their projects, because perhaps many users in meanwhile switch to other cms or decide to stop their projects with Boonex, this can not finance an adequate support only see more a one-time payment may give finance to upgrade and support user in a market with this volume, regarding Wordpress also if will have a subscription system, I still have to see a plugin that uses this system, "perhaps 1%" i think 99% use one-time payment and the Wordpress market go very well so I do not think that the problem of Boonex is the method of payment.
Andrew Boon
It's just an extra option, which you might use for some products. If it gets new some extra clients, we're happy.
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