The issue I have with paying a subscription is that take my site which has been live for three years. Based on your idea of paying $3 a month instead of a one off $50 would mean I would have paid for the mod in three years $108.

This is not the way I would like to go. I can see if you go down this route where mod providers get paid $3 for the initial month so users can crack the mod and not needing to pay anything else. At lease now once you have paid for the mod, the developer's got your see more cash.

Just my thoughts

Why during the last years BoonEx Dolphin license has increased so much?
Why Boonex asks sellers a commission on sales?

Also...on the market, what about the visibility of modules available only with the one-time fee method only.
Is there a priority assigned to module with subscription?
Andrew Boon
- Dolphin Permanent license price increased because we're trying to factor in support and development overhead spread over time realistically. $99 or $299 were not sustainable.

- We don't ask for commissions on one-off-payment sales, or any sales where the payment goes directly to Vendors. We HAVE to ask for commissions on Subscriptions, because those have to be processed by us, require payment processing fee by the gateway, have to be reviewed on every update (and this expense has to be covered) see more and have to have some money buffer to account for refunds.

- We do not anticipate giving any priority for Subscription-based modules. They'll just mix in with the rest, and the will be an additional filtering option for those who actually look for Subscription ones.
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