I don't like the idea of subscriptions for market items. I hate the idea of having to choose between dropping a mod or paying for it forever.
Andrew Boon
Or you could stop paying for a bit and then come back and subscribe again. We design this in a way that module data remains intact on your server when the module is inactive. You own the data no matter what.
Or I can just pay for it once, and have it active for as long as I want to use it - which is my preferred choice. I have no problem with people who want to rent their mods by subscription, I just don't happen to be one of those people.
Gary, what if you buy a mod which is, despite the test option and all previews, not running as it is supposed to run ? Which contains bugs and errors ?
I think the try before buy option is the best way to have good mods with good support.
Sometimes I download trial versions of software. I don't have anything against try-before-you-buy, nor do I have anything against subscription software for those who want it.

It's just my personal preference not to use subscription-based software. That model does not work for me.
If 'a mod is not running as it is supposed to', the vendor should be required to return payment!
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