For those of you who are against this concept, I understand what you're saying & why you're against it, but just breathe & relax people.

From what I understand, this will not affect you or others with the same mentality, its NOT a forced changed to abandon the current marketplace, instead, its a new alternative, which MAY increase potential revenue which "should" increase better support & quality of modules. Its just an additional option.

Andrew, usually I dont like your see more new idea's & suggestions, and Im usually against it for one reason or another. But in this particular case, Im all for it. I see that you're trying to be creative and improve the current state of the market (which has been LONG overdue) all within trying to find the right sweet spot for both consumers and dev's, which isn't an easy task. So I respect & support this idea completely, because Im all for "options".

Although I support & respect this idea, my only worry is that you'll actually commit to it 100%. Usually, people/companies will say anything just to accomplish their mission, then abandon it, and let it go to downhill afterwards (politics). I also realize that you're trying to win us back over by doing what you should've been doing the past 2-3 years, especially with dolphin having no update for 16-19 freaking months, which is...stay productive and keep the community here very much alive & active.

So, good job Andrew, just dont fail us Andrew, please dont! Now, one of the major things you need is more dev's to make all your products less buggy as know, so that we dont have to spend majority of our time being your free bug testers and can spend more time on our site(s) trying to make successful :)
Andrew Boon
Thank you! Perfectly right on all fronts. By the way, we're announcing the new update today, with bug-fixes and long-awaited improvements. The won't be any 16-19 month brakes anymore.
Ok, 15 minute breaks are fine lol.
Actually, 16-19 minutes breaks are just as fine too, considering you guys have been very busy, and getting sh*t DONE!
Keep up the great work.
Andrew Boon
Oh, thank you! Feeling very relieved now :)
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