Andrew Boon
WebRTC itself and Rocket.Chat are improving very actively now. Multiple streams can be assisted with a 3rd-party server, and yes, the Chat already has settings that you can use to limit multi-stream videos. For example, you can allow them in one-to-one chats and private groups, but not in public channels.
Just to be perfectly clear, are you stating that we, site owners can easily configure this chat to not directly be p2p by having our server use its bandwidth to handle multiple streams?

Basically making it possible for one mobile user to stream their video to hundreds or thousands of other users very easily?
For us that don't mind running a dedi and have the server power to handle the load, we would rather take the burden off of our users bandwidth. So is that possible with the new Rocket Chat thingy? Believe it or not, not everyone on the interweb have huge pipes with unlimited data transfers.
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