The template is only something to start with. The rest is down to you.

We pay for the software; a little too much maybe, but that's another story!
So you think all the people who use Dolphin will be knowing html and css?
If they can develop it, they could have already developed a custom website and not be using Dolphin for such need.
We pay for the software >> So template/appearance is not the part of the software?
Then better to use Dolphin site via shell command!

If people want to do anything with a website then they will need to get the hang of HTML and CSS or hire a designer. Playing with our own template tweaks has nothing to do with the back-end code, or engine that runs the ship (software).

Just making an HTML website (which almost anyone can do) - and there's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software for that too - is not the same as having a robust PHP database-driven community website, which not everyone can create.

Hence we see more pay for people like Andrew to put the nuts and bolts in place and fine tune the cranky parts (if we're lucky).

Some peope can't even align their blocks to look interesting. Do you expect all of that to be done for you too?
Say what? Last I looked Dolphin was a tad more than html | html5 / css |css3. NO DEVELOPER I KNOW will give you more than the stock template ( and I have worked with many over the years ) contributors MAY give away template designs, but most sell their creations. There are FREE spaces online where one can learn html/css. Can also look over the stock templates make a copy of the one you like and improve on it by rote - trial and error. You will appreciate the item much more than one that might see more be handed too you.

MY 2 CENTS: Not connected with Boon, BoonEx in any way, shape or form save hacking a free copy of Dolphin Pro to swim to my whims. So, if I insulted you, (not my intention) it was me, period. Bring it!

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