Thanks for this Andrew, however I have a question. You say become a member of your own site. My site is business people related. And so would my profile need to be as the administrator or as a user. ie, a user with a profile related to self development for example? So basically would my membership profile need to be congruent with the site or with my own interest as a user apart from the site? Thanks anyway. Cant wait to move to the next level.
Andrew Boon
Excellent question! I would recommend a "user" profile with your name, but you can give it admin privileges.

UNA platform is a bit more flexible in dealing with this - it features multiple profiles per account, which you can use to represent yourself as a person, company or some other role.
Thank You Andrew. Much appreciated, thats clearer now. I am also realizing that I will have to add content as admin anyway in the form of tutorials etc. Although I have too much time invested in Dolphin at present and wouldn't want to move over just yet.
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