This whole thing is a huge nightmare. Sad part is that visitors could easily disable whatever cookies they don't like in their browsers, use a VPN, and simply NOT ENTER PERSONAL DATA if they are that paranoid about it all.

These regulations exist for a few reasons, only.
1. To make the E.U. a ton of money.
2. To inflate the egos of those in charge.
3. To protect users from themselves when they already can do it.

I'm probably going to block all E.U. nations outright, and put something see more in my T.O.S. that their business is not welcome. There is a limit to the amount of abuse business owners should have to put up with. Especially from foreign countries. I'm in the USA. I have no say, no recourse, nothing.

Up theirs.
Completely off-topic, but hey. USA wants to rule the world at gunpoint, EU wants to rule by legislation. I sleep better in the EU.
Only the nuts, my friend. There are plenty of us fighting that kind of mentality. Sadly, we are losing.

FTR, it all starts with greed and by wanting to rule the world. Don't let slightly more humble beginnings fool you.
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