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I have Mechanical Engineering degree, however working as an IT manager. I have been using Dolphin and trying to improve my PHP, CSS as well as web design skills.

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That's the spirit. I feel that it needs some good courage and good spirit to present your self at the open and say yes guys and girls I am here and I do something nice and I could be of your assistance... Bravo. If I need some assistance I will send an email. Thank you


We can't approve your product till all requirements are met. Please update it accordingly and post comment once you re-upload the product.
file naming convention is not met
please include your code in separate files and in separate directories, it will be easier for users to install the mod and easier for you to make upgrades
Only ONE additional function in all 3 mods is written for $55

I will go over my files and the structure this week and make some corrections to meet the extension requirements.

Thank you for the comments.
1. The first extension should be Free, because it's the first extension.
2. This is not an extension. It's modification.
a. There is now the structure at all.
b. Tof 3 he mod consists ZIP packages, each of the has text files with instructions.
c. There is no PHP files at all. Cannot check the Code Convenience.
d. ReadMe file doesn't have required structure.

Looks like the vendor doesn't read "Product Requirements" at all.

I know it wasn't a extension but there was no other option to select as modification.

Since this pack is mostly modification of the existing php files I think there is no code conventions to follow. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I will go over my files and the structure this week and make some corrections to meet the extension requirements.

Thank you for the comments.
Andrew Boon

don't be offended, please. CitizenKane is (voluntary) trying to help you get your Extension post in shape, which in turn will help YOU get more sales.

"Edit" link is at top right corner - the Extension info-box.

We're trying to maintain higher standards here and I hope you understand.
To unoboonex,

I had a hard time to find the edit link.

Even if I was offended, I took his advise and tried to fix it as much as I could.
Thank you.

1) Careless annotation - some grammatical errors, caps locks text and mixed punctuation marks.

2) There are no any screenshots or links to demo site of this mod.
There are 3 mods in the pack and are some screen shots attached.

I noticed that I had used some uppercase but couldn't find edit option after I posted my mod.

When it comes to "some grammatical errors", English is my second language as well as 98 percent of the members of Boonex Community. I truly believe that my description was easy to understand and clear. (I am kind of offended with that comment).
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