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I have 30 years in technology development and troubleshooting. All the bugs people complain about Dolphin is common to any open source software. You also have to bear in mind that unless you actually own and set up your own server according to what is recommended by Boonex, you can't always tell which problems are the script and which ones are your host. It just takes patience. I a not a Dolphin expert. My specialty is troubleshooting any and all kinds of scripts, integration, setup, or sql issues. My familiarity with Dolphin goes back to 2008 and I have assisted several of my clients in building Dolphin based sites, working with their hosts as well as module providers here to make the process go smoothly. If you are trying to put together your own site and need a little hand holding, I offer inexpensive support services to help you get up and running. Whether it is Dolphin or Joomla or Wordpress or any number of ecommerce or other open source scripts out there, I am the ones my clients call before they pull their hair out.

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