Understanding Dolphin Mobile Apps

Boonex develops and supports native apps for Android and iOS that work with Dolphin sites. These apps are for site users, not admins. Users can download the apps to use your Dolphin-powered website from their mobile devices. Dolphin Mobile Apps support "base" functionality of Dolphin and can be extended by adding 3rd-party modules.

You can try and test Dolphin mobile apps using information found at our Demo Page. Both Android and iOS apps are "universal", so they work on tablets, too. Both apps are "native", so they use design conventions of Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems, as well as some of their integrated features (such as Facebook login, integrated browsers, integrated maps, etc.).

Boonex-Branded Apps

Anyone can use Boonex-branded Dolphin mobile apps by downloading them from iTunes and Google Play and connecting to any compatible Dolphin-based site. One app may connect to any number of sites. These apps are called "Dolphin".

White-Label Apps - Put Your Own Brand

If you want to modify mobile apps, tie them to your sites only, re-brand them and submit them to iTunes and Google Play as your own - you need to obtain a Prime License.

Modifying Your Mobile Apps

If you have a Prime license, you can download their source code and modify them. You may need to register your own "developer" accounts at Google and Apple. Modification of mobile apps requires some understanding of their native code, and their development environment.

Read our instructions on how to Extend Mobile Apps to find out how to add new functionality to them. This is for advanced users, so make sure to understand what you're doing, or consider hiring a professional - some developers offer their mobile app modification services on Boonex Market.

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