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<p><b>Expert</b> WEB DESIGNER, PROGRAMMER, SEO, Site Validation, Browser Optimization, Plug-ins and Internet Marketing.</p> <p> <b>Scripting Languages:</b> HTML/CSS/PHP/XML /JAVA SCRIPT(with validation).</p> <p> <b>Designing Applications:</b> Photoshop Suite (with Illustrator) /Gimp / Flash etc.</p> <p> <b>Database:</b> MYSQL/Access</p> <p> <b>Operating Systems (OS)</b>: Linux(particulary Ubuntu), Windows, Mac.</p> <p> <b>SERVER ACCESS:</b> FTP/Shell Programing for managing webcontent/media/database.</p> <p> <b>Web Content Management (CMS)</b>: Lamp, Wamp, Mamp. Content Management System (MS Dolphin, Joomla, Drupal , Wordpress etc). </p> <p> <b>Contact</b> me iff you know your project very well and the documentation showing requirements is quite ready!</p> <p> I am basically a linguist. My research interest lies in Computational Models of Human sentence processing and phonetics-phonology.</p> <p> However, I have learnt how to use these content management systems for my personal and professional needs. I could get a site going, fix bugs connected with modules, database, server, design, components, applications (such as payment gateway etc). </p> <p> I <b>charge $80</b> per hour any of these services. 50% of which shall be deposited in my a/c through paypal. Upon completion, the rest of 50% should be in my a/c. If the work is not complete on time / before the deadline, all the money shall be refunded to you.</p>

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