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Adeon Asfar’s Online Career began at the age of 16 during his High School Years pre the World Wide Web. Operating a number of dial-up digital services from home, Adeon specialized in the technical deployment of dial-up data comms systems. In 1995 Adeon was appointed Asia-Pacific distributor and Marketing Manager for Chicago-based Internet Technology provider USRobotics Corporation. USRobotics Corp Provided complete turn-key solutions covering equipment and technical services to the Military and the emerging Internet Industry, servicing the top end ISP’s including Telstra, Optus Internet, America Online, Worldcom, AT&T, IBM and many more. His experience spans through the emergence of the World Wide Web, the Dot Com Boom and the many technological developments that have followed. His passion for combining data communications and social enterprises led him to develop one of the world first Spiritual based Social Networking and blogging platforms, Through this medium he has continued to assist others in setting up their own web presences for bringing their valuable creative talents to the world. Adeon has a wealth of knowledge and incredible insights into the world of IT startups and dot com millionaires. He has worked as a consultant in all areas of the IT World as well as working with various Venture Capital and Private Equity firms training environmental tech startups in product and business development.

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