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How hard can it be to build a social media website, create an internationally recognized appliance manufacturing company and empower billions of people?

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Fraudster. This person apparently used an unauthorized Paypal to purchase my module. If you are a module seller, block this person with haste !!!!
This is untrue. After (what I thought was) an unsuccessful purchase, a few days later I saw a $25.00 charge on PayPal from Jerome Mingo. You may recognize this person as Modzzz, but I had never heard of him. So I Googled the name. Go ahead and try it. What's the top result?

After reading that I thought I was doing Modzzz a favor by reporting unauthorized activity. Later I learned they are the same person. That's my mistake. Not fraud. I emailed Modzzz an explanation and an apology. I'm asking see more him to take down his post above. I'm not blameless, but I'm also not a "fraudster."

I never downloaded his code, and never installed it. Modzzz is making false accusations. I never intended to cause him any harm.
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