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I am a designer who has been building websites for 12+ years. I own several good domain names, including one that I will be using Dolphin for.

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LOL, nasty side, I guess this is my nasty side, when I say " we don't have time right now for small projects, maybe in couple days" This is my so called " nasty side " I never treated you like crap, immediately after I said "I don't have time right now, maybe in couple days", you went crying about it for some reason. Whats your problem man? A developer doesent have time, asks to do the job later, so what? I broke your heart because I didn't drop what I was doing , and see more ran to fix your issue? So what if I didn't have time to fix your issue? Don't you understand that poeple might be busy and don't have time to serve you right away, or pehaps never? Don't go cry about it in the feedback forums, be a Man and find another developer instead.
I left honest feedback. And this is harassment. Again, he contacted me. All I did was agree to his offer. Then his offer changed. He wouldn't do it unless I paid for his monthly service. Bait and Switch...

Not to mention he keeps misquoting himself. "We will take care of this if you are interested in our monthly webmaster services, check our site at adminmysite.com Otherwise currently we don't have time for little projects, maybe in a few days"

He makes an offer, then changes see more the terms and gets angry because I didn't beg him to do it and pay him more money.

I had to block him because he kept emailing me, calling me names, and won't leave me alone. I moved on, but he just won't.
To All developers: Avoid this customer like the plague. Chronic whiner and complainer. Completely unprofessional. Just because I was busy at the moment to do his job, he went around spreading bad feedbackd like an immature child, unable to resolve issues like an adult.
So name calling? Wow. Mature. Just to clarify, he solicited me for some work. I didn't seek him out. He trolls the forums preying on newbies who he thinks will pay for his monthly service. And if you don't do it, expect to see his nasty side. Vindictive and petty.

He'll treat you like crap if you don't want to commit to being a customer immediately. Very patronizing.

I wanted to hire him to do a job HE offered to do. And I would see how well he handled it because I WAS considering see more hiring him for his monthly service. I wait a day to contact him back and he says he may or may not do the job and that he can't be bothered with such small jobs. Sounds professional right? And I'm the child here? LOL
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