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Quick banner generatorCALTRADE started 11 Mar 2010 · sandalsonly replied 11 Mar 2010When I put up a new site and and need to replace the banner here is a quick way to generate a new one:
Custom Blocks in 6.1Xbigal0228 started 11 Mar 2010 · bigal0228 replied 11 Mar 2010For those of you looking to use borderless or different designs for your individual blocks, now you can. This is a si...
6.1 X Design Elementsbigal0228 started 11 Mar 2010 · bigal0228 replied 11 Mar 2010This thread should be just for 6.1X Version Design Elements
Small Snippetswolf2217 started 11 Mar 2010 · wolf2217 replied 11 Mar 2010Checks to see if user is logged in as Admin. eg. If you have custom blocks on the account page that you want visible ...
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