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Username, Logo, Thumbnail outside Dolphinwolf2217 started 14 Mar 2010 · wolf2217 replied 14 Mar 2010This might come in handy if you are creating a custom home page or a splash page maybe.The images below show 3 functi...
Change login screen background colorhoustonlively started 11 Mar 2010 · DosDawg replied 13 Mar 2010HL, of course as always good job. one thing i wanted to point out to those who are unclear when reading this. the opa...
Nice Tip from HoustonLivelybigal0228 started 13 Mar 2010 · bigal0228 replied 13 Mar 2010HoustonLively has a nice tip for making the promo banner go away once a member logs in.  This is for D7 as far as I'm aware, ...
No external messages when sending private messagesCALTRADE started 12 Mar 2010 · prolaznik replied 12 Mar 2010I don't like my members to have the option to send private messages directly to email, and would rather have them login to vi...
Quick banner generatorCALTRADE started 11 Mar 2010 · sandalsonly replied 11 Mar 2010When I put up a new site and and need to replace the banner here is a quick way to generate a new one:
Custom Blocks in 6.1Xbigal0228 started 11 Mar 2010 · bigal0228 replied 11 Mar 2010For those of you looking to use borderless or different designs for your individual blocks, now you can. This is a si...
6.1 X Design Elementsbigal0228 started 11 Mar 2010 · bigal0228 replied 11 Mar 2010This thread should be just for 6.1X Version Design Elements
Small Snippetswolf2217 started 11 Mar 2010 · wolf2217 replied 11 Mar 2010Checks to see if user is logged in as Admin. eg. If you have custom blocks on the account page that you want visible ...
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